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Work-From-Home: A Trend Witnessed in the US due to Coronavirus

Big giants of Silicon Valley are giving green flag for workers to work remotely that include Amazon, Facebook and Alphabet (Google) among others, due to increasing number of cases in the United States— especially in the Northwest State. Due to spread of coronavirus spreads in Washington state which accounted for more than 160 cases as of 9th March 2020.

As per the statement given by Amazon to Agence France-Presse (AFP), the company recommended employees of Seattle/Bellevue to work from home through the month end. Moreover, Google and Facebook and Google are also suggesting their workers to work remotely in the state of Washington to reduce the risks of global outbreak which has already killed more than 4,000 people globally and led to closings of industries, schools and other public places.

Individually, Microsoft which is based in Redmond near to Seattle, informed their employees to work remotely for the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, on 6th March 2020, the company confirmed two coronavirus cases in the company— one in company’s Redmond office and the other is a remote LinkedIn employee in the Seattle area. As per the statement given by Spokesperson from Microsoft, companies are working closely with local public healthcare authorities to offer required support for employees. Also, the company is providing real-time guidance to their workers and take required actions as per the public health guidance.

Last week, Google’s parent company Alphabet allowed their staff of almost 100,000 workers of North America to work remotely, in case their role allows. Company has taken this decision to decrease the potential of deadly communicable disease. Also, New York and California, the place where Alphabet has large offices are also witnessing hike in number of coronavirus impacted cases.

On 8th March 2020, Tim Cook, the Chief Executive of Apple asked company’s employees of several of its offices to work from home, in case their job role allows.

Last week Twitter asked its employees to work remotely in a mandatory manner to stop the virus spread in South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. The company is “strongly encouraging” its ~5,000 employees to stop visiting offices around the world.

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